Monday, September 10, 2012

Own Renewing Skin Care Review

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I havn't posted in a few days, I've been very busy and havn't had the time. Work has become very demanding, and when I'm not working, I'm usually sleeping because I'm exhausted from work. Again, I'm sorry and I hope that I can keep up better!

Today I'm reviewing a whole product line. The line is by Own Skincare, and it is their Renewing line. Personally, I'd never heard of Own until they contacted me, but I'm so glad that they did! I was lucky enough to able to try the Refining Moisture Night Cream, Firming Silk Concentrate, Lifting Eye Cream, Rejuvenating Cleanser, and Dual Protecting Day Lotion. I've been extremely pleased with the results I've achieved using these products.

Refining Moisture Night Cream:
What Own Says: Own RENEWING is the first triple-action Night Cream with CLA Plant Technology to fight all three causes of aging. CLA renews, retexturizes, and reveals a vibrant and youthful looking complexion. Refining Moisture Night Cream restores optimal moisture and reveals radiant looking skin.

When it comes to anti aging products, I'm not even close to needing them yet. But I love this cream because it deeply moisturizes my skin. It has helped rid of my dry patches and my skin truly does look more radiant and illuminated. It has a light scent of green tea, so be warned if you have sensitive skin. All the other products in this line are unscented.
Dermatologist tested, Paraben and Sulfate free, Triple-Action Plant Techology, Luxurious, non-greasy, soothing.
Price: $25.00 / 1.7 oz

Dual Protecting Day Lotion:
What Own Says: Dual protection from inside out. Mineral sunscreen provides UV Protection while natural barely and sandalwood extracts work to strengthen and hydrate skin. Sheer coverage makes a perfect dual-protector for youthful looking skin.

I adore this lotion for day time use. My favorite thing about it is that it doesn't give the skin a white cast like many SPF products often can. I think this one will be even better in the summer, due to the SPF. Its a very light-weight, non greasy lotion and it feel luxurious on the skin. It is also fragrance free (Great for sensitive skin!) The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging. It looks like a great concept, but the lotion is not smooth and creamy, so the pump isn't able to dispense any product. I find myself having to unscrew the top just to use it, which is very inconvenient.
Dermatologist tested, Fragrance free, Mineral UV Protection, Lightweight, non greasy.

Lifting Eye Cream:
What Own Says: Own RENEWING is the first triple-action Eye Cream with CLA Plant Technology to fight all three causes of aging. CLA renews, lifts and reveals youthful looking eyes. Helps to erase the look of wrinkles and tired skin. Lifitng Eye Cream will create smooth, firm and youthful looking eyes.

The Lifting Eye Cream is a beautiful, smooth cream that I have been using every night to make my eyes look more awake. As I mentioned, I've been working non-stop and hate the look of tired eyes. This cream really does the job to lift them and diminish the tired look. I also have seen a difference in my fine lines since using this cream. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and replenished.
Dermatologist tested, Fragrance Free, Triple-Action Plant Technology, Quick absorbing, velvet finish.
Price: $24.00 / .5 oz

Firming Silk Concentrate:
What Own Says: Own RENEWING is the first no-water Concentrate Serum with CLA Plant Technology to fight all three causes of aging. CLA renews, retexturizes, and reveals a vibrant and youthful looking complexion. Firming Silk Concentrate serum fortifies skin by creating tone and luminosity. Skin appears firm, resiliant, and radiant.

I think this is my favorite product out of the bunch. You apply it while skin is still moist from cleansing (Probably to help it absorb), on the face and neck. It leaves my skin softer than its ever been. Its also been helping even out my complexion and firm my skin. The packaging on this again, is beautiful and a lovely concept, but not practical. It is similar to a medicine dropper, making the bottle prone to spillage.
Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance Free, Triple-Action Plant Technology, Silky, Light Radiant.
Price: $24.00 / 1 oz

Rejuvenating Cleanser:
I adore this cleanser, mainly because it is so gentle. It has a light green tea scent, similar to the moisturizer from this line, which is very relaxing and nice. The cleanser itself doesn't foam that well, but it throughly removes makeup and dirt. I have found the cleanser to be very moisturizing, but it doesn't leave any residue on the skin.
Price: $15.00 / 5 ounces

Overall I've been really enjoying this product line!
I've been using it for about a week now, and already have seen dramatic results.
Although its pricey, It's absolutly worth the money!
You can see all these products (And more!) at!

Disclaimer: These products was provided to me for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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  8. These sound like really interesting products I have never heard of them before either. Seems like they really have it together though I love that they made an eye cream and serum to go with the line I feel those two products are sometimes overlooked.

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